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Ophthalmic and Surgical Instruments.

The birth of Olynth Instruments dates back to 1994. When our CEO Mr. Muhammad Afzal used to work for a local bank. Due to the closure of the bank, he got unemployed. Luckily, he was a son of a Blacksmith and he lived in the hub of Ophthalmic Instruments " Kotli Loharan " which means the place of Blacksmiths. Muhammad Afzal is a literate person and knows to communicate with customers. But selling isn't the only thing you require in the business of surgical instruments. You need knowledge and understanding of every single surgical instrument which our CEO got whilst supplying ophthalmic instruments locally.

Our CEO used to supply ophthalmic instruments in Sialkot to big surgical instrument exporters. He did the same until 1996. When he traveled to United Kingdom, where he met the first overseas client of ophthalmic instruments. Being in the business circle for a few years Mr.Afzal got to know the importance of the relationship with your customers. The result is that we still are dealing with our first client.

Later as his ambitions grew, Olynth Instruments Co. grew. Over the years, the manufacturing technique of the instruments has changed. Which is the result of our friend manufacturers of surgical instruments in Germany. Mr. Afzal himself goes to Tuttlingen and attend workshops to enhance the quality of the manufacturing at Olynth instruments Co.

Until now, ophthalmic instruments manufactured in our company have reached the hands of surgeons in more than 50 countries. We continue to motivate ourselves with the positive feedback of our customers and surgeons. We hope to continue and serve the world with the best quality ophthalmic and surgical instruments.