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Schepens Froked Orbital Retractor

O5-1007 Schepens Froked Orbital Retractor

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O5-1007 Schepens Froked Orbital Retractor.

During the correction of retinal tears, the Schepens Orbital Retractor provides stability and a solid hold. Its main purpose is to repair a detached retina by pressing the sclera toward the center of the eye.

The instrument's broad, curved blade makes it easy to follow the shape of the ocular globe for this purpose. The blade also has a central notch to shield the optic nerve from serious harm. Furthermore, the notch offers a better view of the scleral tissue.

A sturdy handle with horizontal serrations is another feature of the Schepens Orbital Retractor. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to grab objects and reduces finger fatigue over extended periods of use.

It is available in Stainless Steel.

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